Mio Destino – Classic Crimson Vamp Set

There is nothing like a new set of underwear to brighten your day. I will admit that I am a little bit of an underwear addict, perhaps it’s just the addiction to spending money that I have a problem with! I am constantly buying brand new sets as there are just too many beautiful collections to get my hands on.Whilst I have my favourite high-street stores for underwear purchasing I haven’t much looked in to the online world, but on Twitter recently I came across a new store called Mio Destino. Browsing their website and looking at their range of products I knew I had to get my hands on something!

But with so many beautiful bras and coordinates it was tricky to whittle my choices down. Finally I decided to take the plunge and selected the Mio Classic Crimson Vamp bra and short set. Retailing at £45 for the bra and £26.50 for the shorts this set is a little above the average high street price, but it is most certainly worth it.

Bras are something that I think you should spend a bit of money on. With the right support a woman can conquer the world… or something like that! But really, with a quality bra your outfits will look better and you will generally feel more comfortable.

Mio Destino Classic Crimson Vamp

Mio Destino Classic Crimson Vamp

Mio Destino Classic Crimson Vamp

Mio Destino Classic Crimson Vamp

Mio Destino Classic Crimson VampThis set from Mio Destino didn’t let me down either! It came beautifully packaged in tissue paper and a branded sticker to hold it all together. The bra and shorts are so well made and I really love the black and red colour combination. This would be the perfect underwear treat for your other half!

I sometimes find that short underwear is a little uncomfortable but these shorts are true to size and I wore them an entire day without experiencing any discomfort. A definite plus!

I am so impressed with this set that I am already starting a wishlist for my next purchase!

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