Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Lip Balm

I tend to take a look at the clearance section in my local Boots a few times a week. They seem to update it really often and the prices are always absolute bargains!

Today I spotted this Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Lip Balm which retails at £8 for the bargain price of just £1. I am sure you will agree, it is rare that you find anything Soap & Glory for this size!

Well I have a ‘thing’ for lip products, you could figure this out by looking in my bag and counting the lipbalms, glosses & sticks. So this product which promised to be  “Super Hydrating, Super Glossy” was one I just had to add to my collection.

I have tried a variety of plumping lip glosses/balms before but have always found they either hurt too much to use or they ended up drying out my lips.

However this one is completely different! Although it does tingly on application it is not painful or uncomfortable. The minty scent is refreshing and it really is super glossy! After wearing for about an hour my lips still held their shine and rather than drying out my lips is left them feeling truly hydrated.



In the tube the balm appeared to hold some colour, however on application it appears sheer.



Although I am not sure just how much this “XLarge Collagen Plump Peptide Complex” actually plumped my lips (although it definitely did at least a little) I really like it just as a lip balm and gloss combination alone.

Find out more about the product here and keep your eyes peeled for the clearance stand in your local Boots store!



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    Mmm…a minty scent? It sounds (and looks) really good! I’m glad it’s not painful, I’ve tried a few stingy lip plumpers in my time and they are not fun. <3

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