Michael Kors Sunglasses

Sunglasses – the summer essential that I tend to wear more as a hair accessory than actually on my face, well a girl has to keep her hair off of her face one way or another. 

These Michael Kors shades are my pair of the summer and I absolutely adore them. I always struggle to find a style of frame that actually suits me face – although when you’re hungover or the sun is shine directly in your eyes you would be forgiven for no longer caring!

However these wide, square edged frames are the perfect size and shape for my face shape and because of that they are a season staple. 

The best part? Instead of the usual ~£100 RRP these babies where just £49.99 so an absolute steal!

The tortoiseshell colouring and pattern of the frame means that, in my opinion, they don’t sit so harshly on your face as a block colour. They also go with a wide range of outfits being in such a neutral tone. 

So, if you are looking for the perfect pair of designer shades (because who doesn’t like to treat themselves to a little bit of quality now and again) then take a look at Discounted Sunglasses – they came super fast, in a luxury case and where exacrly what I had hoped for. 


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