MeMeMe Goddess Rocks

MeMeMe is a brand I have frequently seen pop-up amongst the beauty blogging community, but it is not one I can admit to having tried.

It’s packaging and branding is often similar to that of more expensive make-up brands and I think this works really well. All their products will look sleek amongst your make-up bag and will feel luxurious to use too. However their price point is reasonable meaning that you can have the luxury without spending a tenth of your pay check!

One of the first products from MeMeMe that I tried was their Goddess Rocks. I am always keen to try new bronzing products as they give you a great glow – something that is necessary at this time of year, in my opinion. I don’t rock pale very well.

You can purchase these at the discounted price of £10.63 from Shop for Beauty here, where they have a whole range of products from MeMeMe and other well known brands.

The product itself is formed of several balls/blocks of bronzer in variations of colour. Swiping your brush in and around the pot combines the various different shades for a gradient finish.



What I will say is that this product is high shimmer. Generally I would tend to stray away from a shimmer bronzer, particularly for my face, but I think this would look great on the legs and around the decolletage on holiday or for a night out. The colour itself is a lovely bronze tone and would look fab on top of a fake or natural tan.

Overall I think this is a great product for the summer and MeMeMe is definitely a brand that I will be looking in to more – particularly when I know I can purchase it at a discount from Shop for Beauty.

What’s your favourite MeMeMe product?


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