Manuka Doctor – Bee Venom Moisturiser

Whatever your age – moisturiser is a must. I am so glad I got in to a good skin routine when I was younger because it has meant I have been blessed (touch wood) with clear skin, although it is a little dry sometimes. 

Because of an occasionally dry t-zone I like to ensure that I invest in a reliable moisturiser that will keep my skin firm, hydrated and also repair any areas that need a little bit more attention. 

One thing I have been really keen to dry is bee venom. I have seen it in magazine and online, and it’s benefits seem obvious – whilst you may not want to be stung, having bee venom in your moisturiser can massively boost its firming properties and give you younger looking skin in an instant. 

However most of the products I looked at with this ingredient in were really expensive, and I wanted to find something a little more reasonable. It’s fine investing in expensive beauty products, but if they are that good and you want to repurchase – you are stuck in a rut of forking out £50+ each time. So when I found this ApiNourish Firm Skin moisturiser from Manuka Doctor – and it was just £14.95 – I knew it needed to feature on my dressing table. 

I have now been using it for about a fortnight and the different is clear. My skin definitely looks perkier throughout the day after applying this product, and it is a fantastic base for make-up too. 

My top tip with this, and any moisturiser really, would be to ensure that you are always applying it to your neck. It is an area that is oft forgotten about but definitely ages – so remember to spare a little bit of product each time for this area too!


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