Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service – Make Kit

Aiming to rival Gousto and Hello Fresh, Make Kit are the latest meal delivery service on the scene offering vegetarian meal kits across the UK… and delicious their meals are too!

The process is simple. You build your own weekly meal plan, consisting of two or three meals. Each are then delivered to your door with a recipe card and all the necessary fresh and dried ingredients to cook in no more than around 30 minutes per meal.

For my selection I chose two meals: Tex Mex Tofu Fajitas and Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit, Rice n Peas. I was really excited about these two meals, predominantly as I have wanted to try jackfruit for quite a while now. After becoming Vegetarian for January, I have also discovered a love for tofu too, so trying a smoked variation appealed too.

The ingredients were delivered directly to my door, with a recipe book including step by step instruction to cook the meal for either 2 people or 4. Aside from oil, everything I needed to make the meals was contained within the kit which means it really couldn’t be any easier – and also means you have no excuse not to create the meals because you’re missing something in your cupboard!

What I really like abut Make Kit is that every purchase helps fund the start-up’s community healthy eating programmes – there include free cooking classes in partnership with local schools, youth clubs and children’s centres. Their own small way of trying to tackle the obesity crisis, and introducing more people to the flexibility and variety that can be enjoyed within a vegetarian of vegan diet.

With prices starting from just £23.80 for 2 portions of 2 meals, chosen by yourself, Make Kit is a great way to introduce yourself to a more plant based diet – and discover some new recipes, flavours and ingredients too.

Take advantage of 30% off your first purchase by using code “MakeKitTasty”.


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