Lush Scarves

I think I have actually timed this post quite well, as for the past few days the sky has been entirely full of clouds and it hasn’t been quite as nice as in recent days. Massive shame as I love the sunshine and wasn’t quite ready to have to put my coat on yet.

Anyway. One reason I am thankful for the shift in weather is because it means I can wear my beautiful new scarf from This is the Catherine scarf which has a retail price of £58.00.

Lush Scarves

It is ridiculously luxurious! I can’t quite get used to how soft it is. This would make a fantastic gift and I might treat somebody to one at Christmas.

Lush Scarves
Lush Scarves have a really great range and it was difficult selecting just one – I could easily have spent my months rent at the store!

I would highly recommend taking a look at their website. The scarf arrived super fast and it was packaged really well, in tissue paper with fragranced petal scattered around also. Such a lovely touch!

If you take a look, let me know what your favourites are!


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