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Over the past few years I have had a few concerns that have led me to need to visit my GP. The issue with this is that often I am told the next appointment isn’t for a week – a week! Even when I have been in great pain I even have to wait a few days for an emergancy appointment – and that’s only if I am lucky to catch one when I call at 8.00am!

However I have recently found an alternative to this and although you may have to pay a little for it, the service means you have access to a private GP in the comfort of your own home.

The Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor is something that I am surprised hasn’t previously been introduced. It is such a fantastic idea! With the new generation being extremely internet savvy we go to it for almost anything. But have you ever Googled your symptoms and ended up more worried than when you started? Asking a real GP, in real time, means you are guaranteed a great service and honest answer.

There are three methods to enable you to Talk to a private GP, these include: through Skype or by phone (£20) and by email (£15).

On deciding I wanted to talk to a doctor by email I am given a questionnaire to fill out. This contains information such as a general overview of the problem, your age, any underlying issues, etc. Nothing too difficult and I filled it out within a few minutes.


My concern personally is that I constantly feel tired; regardless of if I get 6, 8 or 10 hours sleep. I often get quite light headed and feel very weak on occasion. I also always feel almost like everything is slightly dream like – it is a very hard to thing to describe! But I was hopefull that the online doctor would be able to offer some advice!

After making payment I was emailed confirmation and told the GP would respond to me within about an hour.


They in fact replied within the hour and their advice is very useful. A few things that they have mentioned had not previously occured to me:

Feeling weak and tired is very common and there are many potential reasons for this. If you have been anaemic in the past then this is quite high on the list for possible causes … Checking your blood pressure, heart and pulse might also be a good idea. You might have low blood pressure or a low pulse if you are quite slim.

A poor diet can also make you tired, particularly if it’s quite high in carbs.

Think about your lifestyle in general: are getting enough fresh air and exercise? Is your diet balanced and healthy ?

Psychological issues can also make you feel tired: relationship issues, general stress, anxiety, depression or financial issues can all contribute.

This all makes complete sense. There are no long words and no confusing advice given, it is straight to the point and gives you the answers that you need.

I do need to start looking at my lifestyle more, especially lowering my intake of carbs (I love them so much!) and getting some more exercise.  So I think this would be a great place for me to start – and hopefully start feeling better!

Would you use the online doctor?


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