Liz Earle Make-up

I actually got these two pieces of Liz Earle make-up for free when I took out a £1 Glamour subscription – an absolute bargain as jointly they retail for £24.50!

The two freebies included a Sheer Lip Gloss in Quince 09 and a Eye Pencil in Black.

Liz Earle Make-up

Liz Earle Make-up
Liz Earle Make-up

The quality of these products is exactly what you would expect from a name such as Liz Earle. The lipgloss is my favourite, it is a great shade for any hair colour or skin tone and is long lasting too. A dark pink colour with a glossy finish, it is the perfect addition to a night out.

I am always looking for a new eyeliner to add to my collection, I always find that I have trouble with them smudging and moving throughout the day. Although eye primer has helped with this issue I do still find some eyeliners are a little too soft and continue to cause the problem.

This product, however, is slightly the opposite. Quite hard in texture this pencil quickly lines the eye, however I found I needed to smudge it quite a bit to get it to work for me – the line was very thin otherwise.

But it lasted well and didn’t smudge as quickly as many others that I have tried which I am impressed about.

Overall I think the range of Liz Earle make-up products are fairly reasonably priced and are of good quality/


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