Kevin Lake Photography

Kevin Lake has been a music photographer for years, and just recently has decided to expand and start selling his work – however, instead of primarily focusing around his trade his prints are of the interesting and often whimsical things that cross his path on his travels.

From beautiful sunsets in foreign lands to household items in a non-traditional scene, his artwork is captivating in its individuality and the perfect addition to your home, studio or office.

What I think is really unique with these prints is their printing on aluminum. This means that they will be incredibly hard wearing, particularly in a wet environment like a bathroom or kitchen, and it also adds a bit of individuality to them amongst the standard canvas pieces you find displayed on walls.



This particular print I am absolutely in love with. The carefree attitude of the subject resonates from the photograph and it really inspires a happy frame of mind from looking at it.

I also adore the custom message on the back of the print. This really gives you a little insight in to the story behind the photo, which I think is a lovely touch and adds that little bit more to the product, rather than just a standard print you might buy in a high street store.

So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different then take a look at the other prints available from Kevin Lake, you can view them all here.


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