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A classic piece of jewellery is such a great investment piece because it will see you through years to come. Whilst I sometimes like cheaper, bolder statement pieces I know that in a few years time I will fall out of love with them and as they are usually fairly cheap I won’t be concerned about passing them down as heirlooms!

I am really trying to introduce a little more jewellery in to my life. I have some gorgeous pieces but I tend to throw on some clothes and go, not thinking about adding some jewellery or accessories. In fact people always point out how little jewellery I wear!

As part of my bid to dress things up a little more this Pandora bracelet and Pink & Purple Pave Sparkles Charm made their way in to my life. This charm is part of the brand new Pandora range at Joshua James Jewellery and it is absolutely stunning. The colours are beautiful and in the sunlight this charm sparkles and shines.

Pandora Packaging
Pandora Silver Bracelet

Pandora Silver Bracelet

Pandora Charm

Whilst at £55 each these pieces aren’t the cheapest, I love that you can choose from a variety of charms and change them depending on your outfit choice. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the bulky Pandora bracelets, full of charms. I think they can look a little tacky. However by adding just a few, select charms to this bracelet you can have something that is both interesting and classy.

I purchased a Pandora bracelet for my mum a few months ago and it is nice to know that on special occasions I can treat her to a charm that has a back story, a little bit of history, to it. Not only is this a beautiful piece of arm candy but it also holds a meaning – which I think always makes things that little bit more special.

Pandora bracelets comes in a variety of different sizes and that means you can ensure you get one the perfect fit for you. Often with other bracelets that come in a standard size, I find they are either huge or far too tight to wear comfortably. I purchased the 18 inch chain and it fits comfortably around my wrist without being too lose or too tight.

I can’t wait to pop to a Pandora store and stock up on a few more charms!

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? What’s the story behind your charms?



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