Jimbobart Home Accessories

My addiction to purchasing home accessories is quickly overtaking that of my clothes shopping, and with unique products like these Jimbobart side plates it’s easy to see why.

When you make a house a home it is essential that you fill it with things that reflect your personality and make it an enjoyable place for you, your friends and your family to spend their time. From scented candles to rugs and duvet sets, there is something you can do in every corner of your house to transform it to your tastes – and that includes the kitchen too.

When I first spotted Jimbobart on Instagram I fell in love with their quirky and unique designs, whether they were on cups or plates. There is no better talking point in your home than some unusual, it certainly always gets people talking – and that’s exactly what happens when you present somebody with a slice of cake on your ‘Mrs Hare don’t care to share’ Side Plate or a morning bacon roll on your ‘Will DJ for cheese’ Side Plate, both of which retail for £25 each on Amara.

IMG_0664 IMG_0663 IMG_0667

What’s more these would make the perfect gift! Does a friend or family member have a favourite food or animal? There are so many different types of plates and accessories that there will undoubtedly be something perfect for that spefcial person in your life – whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas!

The brand even have a pancake themed plate which would be perfect for Shrove Tuesday each year!

I think these plates are reasonably priced, considering that they are of a limited run and entirely different to anything you would typically find in high street stores.

So, what’s your favourite Jimbobart design?


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