Jewellery Haul

So today I popped in to Boots like I do everyday to get my lunch – I think I need some sort of VIP discount card for the amount I spend on their meal deals.

Anyways, by the tills I noticed a jewellery stand and the majority of the products on it were discounted to between £2 – £6. Bargains!

Boots Jewellery Haul

I have never spotted jewellery in Boots before, I presume it is normally hidden at the bottom of the store. But to be honest it is not somewhere I would think to look for jewellery in the first place.

This little jewellery haul should have cost £41 (pricey in my opinion!) but I got it for…. £11!

I love these three necklaces as they will be really easy to wear and style up several outfits. This headband is great too, I really love the bead detail and it will be perfect for getting my fringe off my face in this hot weather!

Boots Jewellery Haul


Boots Jewellery Haul

What do you think? Have you bought jewellery from Boots before?



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    I’ve only noticed a stand of jewellery in the one Boots store I rarely go to anymore – I’m sure the other stores must have them, but I don’t usually browse places like Boots, just pop in and get whatever is on the list and go again. I have to admit, that headband is lovely!

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