Jewel Candle Review

Since receiving this candle I have professed my undying love for it to everybody that will listen, boy or girl. It is such a genius idea and I am so excited to be sharing it with you!

Jewel Candle does what it says on the tin or lovely glass jar as the case may be! It is a candle and it also contains a hidden treasure, either a ring or pair of earrings depending on your selected candle.


The idea is that you don’t know what style of jewellery is inside the candle nor do you know how much it is worth; you have to burn your candle down for about 10 hours before you will be able to access your jewel. For somebody as impatient as me you are able to dig out the jewel with a spoon or knife instead!

Once the candle has burnt down, or you have reached jackpot, you will spot a little silver foil pouch. This heat resistant material encases your treasure and keeps it nice and safe.

Now for the best bit, unwrap your earrings or ring and see what their value is – Jewel Candles contain jewellery anywhere from £10 – £250, so you could be in for a real treat!

My ring is stunning and is valued at £40! A great bargain when the candle was only £24.95, with the earring candle retailing at £16.95.


Once you’ve removed your jewel let the candle carry on burning and you get to enjoy the pleasant aroma of one of the 16 fragrances available. What impresses me more is that this could easily become a novelty gift, bought purely for the jewellery – but the candle itself is brilliant! It is really strongly scented and it burns evenly too, which is a great plus.

I will be buying everybody one of these for Christmas!

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    These sound awesome! I might get for my best friends birthday next month, maybe throw one in for myself while I’m at it! What are the scents like? Only reason I don’t like buying candles online is because the scents are often nothing like the description.

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