Jamie’s Italian – Threadneedle Street, London

After work on Monday I popped along to Jamie’s Italian Threadneedle Street, which is just round the corner from Bank and Liverpool Street.

I must confess to never have visited any of the Jamie Oliver franchises before, so this was my first experience.

The building itself is grand and ornate, much like many of the buildings in the City, and the size of it allows them to seat you in a variety of rooms – some of which you can hire for a function. There is also a lovely view on to the courtyard at the rear.

We were quickly seated and whilst at 6pm the restaurant was fairly empty it quickly filled up – something I was surprised about for a monday!

The menu itself wasn’t huge, but then often too much choice is a bad thing! The main options incorporated steak, lobster and pasta. They also have gluten free options available should you select a pasta dish but have an allergy.

To start with we ordered breads with olive oil and vinegar, plus olives on ice to share. Something a little unique that I haven’t seen before was both the size and bright green colour of these olives – they were amazing. The serving on them on ice was a nice touch too.

Then for main we both selected a pasta dish. I don’t often choose something such as this but I thought as I was trying an Italian restaurant I would give one of their honorary dishes a go – “when in Rome” as they say!

It was served in an ornate fashion and sprinkled with a good amount of cheese. I really think more dishes should be served with a sprinkle of cheese!

Though we were absolutely full we, naturally, had room left for desert and when I spotted this fudgy chocolate tart on the menu – I knew it was for me! The chocolate was bitter, which I enjoy but this would be down to personal taste, and whilst the pastry was pretty hard to cut in to originally it soon got a bit easier.

Overall the food was enjoyable and the ambience of the restaurant was nice too, with unusual accessories adding to the grandness of the building.

For the starters, 2 mains, 2 deserts, a bottle of still water and 2 soft drinks the bill came to £70. Whilst perhaps not money you could afford to spend every day, I think this is quite reasonably for its central London location.

I would also like to say that the staff at the restaurant were incredibly helpful and friendly too. Always a big bonus when dining out.


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