Investing in Jeans at Selfridges

When it comes to jeans I believe in investing. I have previously bought jeans for £10, £20 and £40 but they have never fit perfectly and eventually become faded or baggy from wear/washing.

However, last year I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a pair of JBrand jeans.. and I have not looked back since!

They fit SO SO comfortably, they are the most amazing things to wear! Jeans used to leave me feeling a bit restricted and “sucked in” but with these I feel I have the freedom to do a full work out – if I wanted to!

They also look as brand new as when I first bought them, although some dye did come out when I first washed them this hasn’t affected the colour and they look good as new!

I have my eye on a lighter pair for Summer as my current pair are a dark shade. I really like these three from Paige:

Paige Jeans

The best part about jeans is that they are easy to throw on and they work with pretty much everything! I love them in the summer with a light camisole or in the winter with a big, thick jumper – no wardrobe is complete without a pair!

Do you invest in your jeans?



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    As a general rule, I prefer designer denim! That being said, occasionally I’ll find a really good pair of high street jeans that are the same quality…Well, almost. 😉

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