Infusely Diet Tea

Like most of the British population I love a cup of tea – black, two sugars. So much so that recently I seem to have stockpiled a ridiculous amount of fruit and herbal teas. Some I like, some I don’t and today I am going to feature one of them (if only to make me feel better about spending so much money on them!).

Infusely are a brand I wasn’t too familiar with until recently. They offer a select of three teas for various outcomes:

Diet Tea: Fat burning, appetite suppressing, super tea.

Sh.Tea: Reduce bloating, feel healthier, look slimmer.

Complexion Tea: Skin rejuvenation and younger looking.

Infusely Diet Tea

Their teas are available to purchase either loose (£9.99 for 1 bag, £17.99 for 2 bags) or as tea bags (£11.99 for 1 bag, £21.99 for 2 bags).

The tea I decided to try was the Infusely diet tea, not because I am on a diet as such but there’s no shame in a little bit of extra help is there?

The Diet tea promotes a variety of things including an increased metabolism, a decreased appetite and more energy. The line “helps reduce abdominal fat” is the one that really sold it to me!

Containing Acai Berry Powder, Blueberries, Chamomile Flowers, Dandelion Leaf, Goji Berries, Hibiscus Herb, Lucuma Powder, Oolong Tea, Raspberry Leaf & Rosehip Herb this is a real mix of ingredients and flavours!

I bought a tea infuser especially to try this tea out and after filling it, adding boiling water and letting it brew for 5 minutes I took my first sip.

The tea is nice enough, certainly a lot nicer than some herbal teas I have tried. I think I might make it slightly stronger next time as it was slightly weak and I would imagine had less of an effect than a stronger tea. Infusely advise a teaspoon per cup, but I would probably try adding an extra half to that.

I would like to say I am 2lbs lighter after trying this tea a few times but I am not, however coupled with a healthy diet I have no doubt this would be a great assistance and something enjoyable to drink after a hard work out. Neither of which I (sadly) have any interest in!

Overall I am really impressed and will be trying the Complexion tea next – skin rejuvenation in a cup? Yes please!


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