Illamasqua Order

I will admit, much to the shock of many beauty bloggers, that this is my first ever Illamasqua order!

I have often stared longingly at their products before but never quite gave myself the encouragement to go ahead and order any products – but when I spotted their sale I quickly found myself entering my card details before I had the chance to contemplate the decision!

I am please though, this whole order (including postage) cost just £30! Which is fantastic considering the quality of the products.

On to what was purchased.


Nail Varnish in Purity and Loelle:

Both very much Spring/Summer colours and I love them even more in the flesh than on the online swatches. Loelle is a gorgeous pink, that is not too neon or bright but very pretty. Purity is a fantastic dull orange, with a peach tone.


Lipstick in Melt:

I am not sure if I am 100% about this lipstick. It is a golden colour which basically adds a light, matte shimmer to your lips. It might look better over the top of another colour but I am not sure about it on its own. I will use it however, so it is not a dissapointment.




Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist:

A dark, black pigment – something I have never used before at risk of it being too messy! You can use this to highlight eyes, cheeks and brows – although I think I will stick to using it purely for a smokey eye look! It’s really easy to use and can be applied wet or dry.


Light Liquid Foundation in LF15:

The foundation colouring at Illamasqua really confused me, as it does in most high-end beauty retailers. I wish they could just stick to the regular names as opposed to created codes and numbers for them. Anyways, this foundation is slightly too light for me. However will be great with a bit of bronzer over the top to darken it. The quality of it is really nice; I found it easy to apply and it was long lasting too. I think I will get colour matched next time as I would purchase again for sure!




What are you favourite products from Illamasqua?



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