Packing for a holiday: The basics

When packing for a holiday the list is pretty much endless of the things you need to bring with you! But quite often with a restricted baggage allowance it is near impossible to pack everything that you think you might need.

Whenever I go away I always find that I don’t wear half of the things I pack! I think I am a bit overzealous and just throw half my wardrobe in the case. What I have started doing instead is to plan daily outfits whilst organising my case so that I only pack what I need, with a few extras of course just in case!

I thought I would put together a wishlist of the basics that I will be packing for my trip. Generally these are things for the flight and for round by the pool/at the beach.


Amy-Lou Lace Frill Bikini (£26): A bikini is an essential for any holiday in the sun! I love this gorgeous bikini, the frill detail is really unique and the colour will look perfect on tanned skin. Available as separates so you can get the correct sizing for you – much better than sets that “guess” your sizing!

Soleil Sensitive Sun Spray (£5.00): Sun cream should be high up on your priority list for a holiday abroad! Make sure you are protected from UV rays and sun damage with this sun spray for sensitive skin. I much prefer a spray sun cream to a lotion as it is far easier to apply and dries quicker too. Plus you don’t end up with that white tone on exiting the pool! This spray also has green tea and vitamin E in it to prevent signs of ageing encouraged by the sun.

Nivea Everyday Essentials Pack (£5.00): The perfect pack for traveling and for a day by the beach/pool. Containing face wipes, deodorant, lip balm, shower lotion and moisturiser this little kit has everything you need to ensure you smell and look your best. I have a long flight with a stopover in the middle so this will be the perfect accessory to keep me refreshed!

Gandys Flip Flops in Black Leopard (£22.00): One of my favourite parts of a holiday, except the travelling and experience new cultures of course, is getting to wear flip flops. They are the most comfortable footwear ever and I hate returning back to the UK and having to wear proper shoes again! I have a lot of love for Gandys and their story; you can find more on my previous post about them here, but they also make beautiful and well-made flip flops too!

Mia Tui Ella Plum (£58.00): When traveling I don’t like to pack too many bags, I have so many that I could easily fill a whole suitcase just with handbags! I like bags that double up and this Mia Tui one is perfect for this. The various pockets make it perfect for traveling as it will keep all your contents organised, it also comes with a clear zip bag that is perfect for any lotions/potions that you are carrying – just remember to keep them under 100ml! On arrival this bag will then be great for sightseeing or the beach. It has a large capacity so you will be able to fit everything you need in it without worrying.

Guess Patterned Plastic Framed Sunglasses (£24.99): Sunglasses! Something I always forget and end up having to purchase in my destination. If I can I always go for designer ones as I find they are better quality and last longer than those from cheaper shops like Primark. There are such a variety of different shapes and styles that you might need a few hours in store to select what is best for you! TK Maxx is my favourite store for sunglasses shopping because everything is greatly discounted – the best type of purchase!

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (£20.99): A product that hasn’t left my side since I purchased it! This little baby will brighten dark under eyes after a long flight, hide blemishes for a day at the beach and leave you glowing for a night out! Keep it in your bag and make sure you’re never without it.

What basics do you make sure you pack for a holiday?


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