Hi-Tec St. Anton Boots

I have a secret, I love walking. Living so close to the sea (a 3 minute walk and I am on the beach) means that I can walk for miles either way without a hill to climb.

My issue is that my shoes are all highly unsuitable for walking. I have made the mistake of wearing flip flops in the summer and pumps in the winter. Both have resulted in me getting sore feet and having to limp/waddle all the way back. Not the most enjoyable experience!

But I have now found my perfect winter walking accessory, the St. Anton 200 Waterproof boots (£79.99) by Hi-Tec.

Just looking at these boots makes me feel warm and cosy! The boots feature Thinsulate insulation which traps heat to keep your feet warm in the colder months – just what I need! But of course, doesn’t this mean sweaty feet? Apparently not, as the boots having a lining which prevents this.





The shoes are very sturdy and durable, with a rubber outsole and a “sockliner” which adds cushioning underfoot – these boots are what I imagine walking on a cloud feels like!

The boots are true to their size and a perfect fit. The laces are very easily adjusted and I feel confident in the fact I could walk for miles and not suffer any soreness from them.

Available in either Chocolate or Graphite these are the perfect winter accessory for your wardrobe. I must admit, I am looking forward to the snow a little bit so I can get these out every day!

You can find these boots and many others at Hi-Tec.



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