Heathcote & Ivory Bathing Flowers

Looking for a way to enhance your bath experience? These Enchanted Walk Bathing Flowers (RRP £10) from Heathcote & Ivory could be the perfect addition, and they would make a great christmas gift too.

Inspired by exotic islands faraway from the cold, drab British weather these flowers are a great alternative to bubble bath and they look a whole lot prettier too!


On opening the box the scent hit me straight away and I was really impressed at how floral and fruity they were. I have tried things like this in the past and always felt that they lacked any real scent, but the scent of these makes bathtime a lot more enjoyable! Featuring lily of the valey, cassis, white musk, cedarwood and sandalwood these flowers leave your bath perfectly scented.

They look so realistic too which is very impressive!



I used three for a recent bath and can’t wait to use them again. I simply placed them under running water and watched as they floated around, slowly melting in to the warm water. They left a heavenly bath and I didn’t have to contend with any bubbles either!


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