Healgel Face

I have previously raved about Healgel products, I featured Healgel Eye previously, and I will be doing no different for this little wonder!

Healgel Face is a wonderful product in so many ways. Firstly I love the way that all of the Healgel range are packaged, it is really clean cut and nice enough to have out on display rather than tucked in the back of a drawer!

This product is forumlated with anti-ageing in mind and delivers firmer, plumper and smoother skin with application. As always I give these products a thorough testing before I put my review together and I must admit that this has proved true to its word! My skin look that little bit more revitalised and it certainly smoother too.



Retailing at £48 this is not the cheapest of facial products but as you only need the smallest amount per application, the amount of use you will get out of it will bring the cost right down – at least that’s my way of looking at it!

Conaining Omega Oils to restore elasticity and aid dehydrated skin, alongside Hyaluronic Acid Complex to plump and tighten, this product covers a wide range of skin concerns and so would be the perfect addition to a variety of beauty cabinets.

Healgel Face is available to purchase here.


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