Hayman’s Gin Masterclass

I am a huge gin fan so when I saw that a local bar in Witham, Hold the Anchovies, was holding a gin masterclass I was straight on the phone to book tickets!

I have done one gin tasting previously, in an Edinburgh distillery, and I was excited to taste a locally produced gin too.

Greeted with a gin cocktail, flavoured with botanicals that made it taste delicious, we were soon underway with the tasting. Being educated on the various botanicals you can mix with your gin and tonic was really interesting – from orange peel to mint. I will certainly be experimenting in the future.

The person hosting the tasting was extremely knowledgable – and also more than happy to top up your tasting gin if you drank it a little bit too quickly!

What was really exciting was that Hold the Anchovies created tapas style dishes to pair with each gin we tasted – and those dishes were infused with the very gins that we were tasting! From baked Camembert to chicken wings. Truly delicious.

Whilst I must admit the 57% proof gin wasn’t too enjoyable on its own, it certainly went down well enough with a touch of tonic!

It was also interesting to smell the gin, with instructions to smell it from the side rather than straight on. Through doing this you definitely noticed hints of citrus and other flavours dependant on the gin. This was surprising because I always thought gin just smelt of, well… gin.

The perfect evening for fans of gin, and delicious food.


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