A Guide to a Hair Extension Fitting

It’s chilly today! Where has the sunshine gone? I hope it reappears for the weekend – I am at a country show for work tomorrow and don’t fancy it being cold!

So, a little while ago I had my med/long lenghth hair chopped in to a Lucy Meck-esque bob. I hated it and have worn it up since! I longed for my locks back and it seemed the only way to do this was to invest in extensions.

I have used clip ins in the past but find they tend to give me a headache if I wear them for too long or too often, I also struggle to colour match them to my hair as I have a variety of colours (from light blonde, to med blonde to a little bit of red/ginger!).

I contacted the lovely Sarah of Sassibeau Styling, based in Rayleigh Essex, and she gave me a price of £250 for a full head of high quality extensions. Perfect!

Prior to my appointment Sarah kindly popped round to mine to colour match my hair. This only took 5 minutes and she was then able to arrange for the correct colour extensions. I had a total of 3 different shades used.

Yesterday was D-day and I arrived at 11:30 for my appointment. The process couldn’t have been simpler, it was painfree and I was out by 3pm!

Sarah started by straghtening out my hair and then chopping in to it slightly. My hair is VERY thick so it needed a fair bit of weight taken out to balance out the extensions.

Then the hair extensions process started! Sarah section out a small piece of hair, applied the hair extension. melted the bond with the glue gun and pressed it to set. Voila – long locks in seconds rather than years waiting for it to grow out!

Once all the extensions were in Sarah re-blowdryed my hair straight and cut in to the extensions, she added some layers and ensured that the extensions looked natural and not block like.

And the results… well they speak for themselves!

Hair Extensions Essex

The transformation is incredible and I couldn’t be more pleased. The extensions last for anything between 3-6 months and then need to be professionally removed – which I have been advised is a quick and painfree process.

Now if you don’t mind I am off to swish my new hair all over the place.

For hair extensions in Essex contact Sarah at Sassibeau Styling.




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