Guest Post: How to Travel Stylishly

Hi Carousel Diary readers! I’m Jane and I blog over at Jane Heinrichs: art, life, love.  I’m a children’s book illustrator, based between Canada, England and South Africa.  That means I fly a lot.  I love travelling and I love new adventures.

The summer holiday season is approaching, so I want to share a few tips and tricks with you to make flying effortless and stylish.

We all know flying is a stressful business: tight schedules, tight seating arrangements and tight nerves.  But it doesn’t have to be that bad; all it takes is a little organization and forethought.

Jane Heinrichs

Before the Flight

Choose your seat the day before.  I always opt for a window seat, especially on long flight, so that I can prop my pillow against the wall and sleep. But you may prefer an aisle so you can stretch your legs or stand up easily. Pick what works best for you.

Print out your boarding pass at home. This saves time at the airport, so that all you have to do is go to the bag drop.

Print out your itinerary.  So that when you’re stressed about a connection, or what time you arrive, you have the information at your fingertips.  This is also very helpful at foreign border crossings as the officials might want to know your date of departure.

Keep all your travel documents in one place. I keep my passports, frequent flyers cards, itineraries, and boarding passes all in one small bag within my handbag. Also, if you’re travelling in Africa, you may need proof of immunizations. I usually have a separate wallet or bag for this. Even a plastic zipper bag will work.

During the Flight

Dress comfortably, but look good.  There’s no reason to wear schlumpfy sweats. Jeans are perfectly comfortable, or even a nice knitted skirt or dress with leggings.

What not to wear… DON’T wear belts or things with heavy metal buckles, as they will beep in security. The same goes with big boots.

Pack your beauty essentials.  I bring a tube of mascara, pressed powder and lip gloss. I don’t usually wear make-up while I’m flying, but I make sure to quickly apply some before we land so that I don’t look like a ragamuffin when I pass through customs and immigration.  I also bring along a deodorant stick, a small moisturizer, a comb, and a small mirror.  Make sure all of these things are under 100ml.

Make a cocoon for yourself. The key to travelling is to make your tiny piece of personal space as comfortable as possible (without encroaching on your neighbours).  Bring a neck pillow; use the blanket the airline provides. I always bring a big hoodie, so I can pull the hood over my head and block out distractions.

Tips for sleeping. Pack an eye mask and earplugs.  Bring along a sleeping aid, if you think you’ll need one.  Feel free to have a glass of wine, but go easy on the alcohol as it is dehydrating and disturbs sleep REM cycles.

Bring a notebook.  I always take a book, as well as my journal and sketchbook. There’s something about airports and flying that give me a new perspective on my life.  I always get great ideas when I’m in the air, and I don’t want to forget them

After the flight

Rehydrate.  Flying dries you out. Drink more water than usual. Moisturize your skin.

Rest.  Take a nap.

Enjoy your new surroundings.

And last but not least! Enjoy your trip!  Be inspired! Once you land you’ll be on a whole new adventure. We love adventures!

Please come by my blog to say hello!  I love making new friends. You can visit my blog here and my Etsy store here.


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