Goodlife Vegetarian Ready Meals

When I started looking to eat healthier and increase my intake of fruit and veg, frozen food pretty much went out the window for me – banished to the freezer aisle of my local supermarket where I stare longingly at it every visit. But it turns out I was wrong! And Goodlife and here to prove why.

I have tried a few Goodlife products before and been incredibly impressed. With such a wide variety of gluten free and vegetarian products, they really do fill a gap in the market that desperately needs filling.

What they do very well is make their products taste delicious, even when they are missing meat. As a non-vegetarian myself I do enjoy trying to have a few vegetarian meals a week, but often I find myself missing the meat aspect of dinner. However, I never have this struggle when incorporating Goodlife food into my meals – so they must be doing something right!

It seems things can only get better though with the launch of their ready meals – a tempting three bean chilli, or a vegetable masala. Again, when looking to eat healthy I would immediately run away from a ready meal but these are entirely different.

Naturally they are both vegetarian, and gluten free too. What I was really surprised about though was that the vegetable masala with cauliflower rice (the dish I opted to try) featured 3 of your 5 a day!! Imagine that, almost hitting your fruit and veg target for the day whilst enjoying your favourite curry… what could be better.

You can choose to cook these meals in the oven, but as I am ever hungry I opted for the microwave method instead. Simply cook for 4 minutes, stir and cook for another 4 minutes. The food was piping hot and smelt delicious too. When I have tried cauliflower rice previously I have been put off due to the incredibly strong smell of it when hot, however there was no problem at all with this Goodlife version and instead it was very tasty, with thick ‘grains’. The perfect accompaniment to the tasty curry and sauce.






As I say, I am not a vegetarian but I can whole heartedly say that I could eat this all day every day, and not even think about switching it for my usual chicken variety. The flavours are absolutely delicious, the sweet potato perfectly cooked and the sauce creamy without being too thick and heavy. I added just a little sprinkle of coriander leaf, but the curry alone was tasty and delicious without the need to add anything else – aside from perhaps a poppadum or two, my gluten free favourite!

I really couldn’t recommend Goodlife more, and particularly now their ready meals. I can’t wait to give their chilli version a try too. You can pick them up in your local Morrisons or Sainsbury’s.


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