A Search for Gluten Free Bread

Bread. The true love of my life – sorry family and friends – but since I discovered my gluten intolerance it has been something I primarily crave, rather than have the opportunity to enjoy.

Of course, supermarkets stock alternatives within their free from section but if you’ve ever tried this pre-packaged, mass produced gluten free bread you will understand why its often preferable to just go without entirely! It tends to be dry, crumbling before you have got it out of the bag and that joyous taste has been somewhere lost along the way.

So instead I have decided to look in to making my own bread. Now, I have never baked a loaf of bread before. Sure I have thrown together a few dinners and baked a few cakes in my time, but for some reason I just feel that bread baking it that little bit harder to perfect – and a true demonstration of house wifery skills.

Obviously due to my lack of expertise in this area I have been looking at a tool to aid me, in particular a breadmaker – a wonderful device made by companies like Panasonic that enables you to simply combine the ingredients and let th machine do all the hard work. No painful kneading for hours, no monitoring the oven for burnt edges or raw middles.

Plus with the ability to feed in fruit or nut, create scones and various other delicious goods, a machine like this can save time when creating numerous things – and if there is anything I like most it is a multi-purpose device that takes up just one gap in my kitchen cupboard, rather than four.

My next mission is to discover a gluten free recipe for fresh bread that enables me to enjoy all those joys I am missing out on – eggs on toast, open sandwiches and of course most importantly, bacon sandwiches.

So if you have a recipe I could give a go please leave it/a link in the comments below and I will give it a try. My quest continues..!

Written in collaboration with Panasonic. All opinions are my own.


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