Globetrot in style with Laurige

When I travel I am a little bit too organised, wanting to ensure everything is printed off before I go. From boarding passes, to hotel reservations and tour tokens. If I dont have it printed then I worry something will go wrong. The problem is, with all this paper where do I keep it? Luckily Laurige have the answer.

Pen Heaven stock a wide range of Laurige travel accessories, each made in high quality leather and offering the opportunity for monogramming. And what is more luxurious than monogrammed travel accessories – not much in my eyes!

When my eyes landed on this leather Laurige Travel Envelope (£21.90), I knew it was just what I needed. Plus with a wide range of colours on offer I could order one to match all of my handbags… maybe next year! Instead I settled on this gorgeous blue which is certainly striking, and I knew would stand out amongst the rest of the clutter in my handbag.




Designed and made in France, Laurige are renowned for their beautiful leather products in an array of fashionable colours. Their timeless styling allows Laurige to be suitable for all, whilst the grained finish adds a luxurious quality.

It’s incredibly luxurious, the leather ensuring it is well made but soft and supple too. Plus the monogramming is the perfect additional touch to make it just that little bit more classy.

The real test though was ensuring it could fit all my paperwork in prior to a holiday, and I am pleased to confirm that it did! The leather means that it is slightly stretchy and therefore has a little bit of give. It was the ideal solution to my travel paper madness and meant I could easily find everything I needed in one spot.

Next to my passport, this travel wallet is my holiday must have and it will certainly be coming on many future trips with me – for a girl who loves technology, paper is sometimes still the only way to go!


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