Girl Issues: Ballerina Pumps

Ballerina pumps feature heavily in my wardrobe. I have a good few pairs in various colours for various outfits and occasions. They are the most comfortable shoe I own and I know I can wear them without the risk of my feet rubbing and becoming sore.

My issue is that they don’t last 5 minutes! I was previously purchasing my pumps from Primark but found they were a little uncomfortable with their lack of sole – it was like walking bare foot! So instead I decided to invest in some New Look ones instead, they have a slight “heel” which means my feet don’t feel like they are getting bashed as much.

Now, I appreciate that these are relatively low cost items at £4.00 from Primark and £7.99 from New Look. However, in the past month I have gone through 2 pairs of New Look pumps – meaning at this rate my pump habit will cost me close to £200 a year!!

I have spoken to a few of your on Twitter about the issue and it would seem I am not alone in my concerns about this specific footwear! What is most shocking is the response I had from New Look to the issue:

“We would expect them to last much longer than that, but they are fashion shoes so not really designed for everyday wear.

We are not babies in prams that wear shoes but are never actually going to walk in them – what on earth is the point in a pair of shoes not designed for everyday wear?! I cannot understand the rationale behind this excuse at all.

What do you think: is this another reason to invest in quality footwear or should the retailers do something about poor standards?



  1. Emily Dale says

    In my experience, this is a way for them to cover their own backs regarding their lack of quality. All shoes should be made with the thought in mind that they may be work everyday, it’s ridiculous.

  2. says

    Had this exact same rant a month or so ago when I discovered the ballet pumps I usually buy from Topshop are now no longer leather but PU and same price!! And they last 5 minutes 🙁 I’ve recently been sent some French Sole pumps so I’m going to see how it goes with them but to be honest I may start to think about investing in better quality flats!

    Hannah x

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