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The BAFTA awards are drawing close and with them comes a lot of discussion about what people will look like and what they will be wearing. Something that I think is really interesting is to take a look at the make-up looks celebrities are opting for and how they work to compliment their outfit. Also, it is interesting to see how these trends develop and change each year – it gives me some inspiration too!

Drawing inspiration from the recent Oscars award ceremony, it is clear to see that there are many trends in make-up that even the most famous celebrities are following. A few of my favourites are the minimal make-up look from Jenifer Aniston, where she looks chic without overloading on products, alongside Chloe Grace Moretz whose flawless base allowed her eyes to truly do the talking; beautifully complimented by a simple glossy sheen to her lips.

Whilst I do love the old Hollywood style smokey eyes and red lips; I think that at events like this where there are such expensive and beautiful dresses on show the make-up really can be simple to allow the outfit to do the talking!

For this reason I would tend to put my focus on the eyes in as much to accentuate their beauty,  but aside from a flawless base and a sheen to the lips I think this classic and basic make-up look is universally easy to wear and compliments every outfit.

To create a look like this I selected some of my favourite beauty products from various brands at the House of Fraser.

A key essential to absolutely any beauty look I create, daytime or evening, is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – it is absolutely amazing and makes you look like you have had 8 hours sleep, even if you have been up all night partying! I also love the limited edition revamped look of this casing!

Simply apply to the eye area, around the nose and to any areas of distinct redness to conceal and brighten your look.

Yves Saint Laurent Concealer

Following the theme of basis, since I discovered lash primers I have not been able to put them down. The white product applies to your lashes just as a mascara does, however the idea is that this product is built upon. It  not only protects and prepares your lashes for mascara, but it aids in lengthening them too. This really does make all the difference and this Clinique Lash Building Primer in particular is one of my favourites!

Clinique Lash Primer

Finally after applying a slick of eyeliner and sweep of mascara, I would complete the look with a little gloss. Whilst you could choose to go a little heavier and select this seasons top lipstick shade of orange-red, however I like to keep things a little bit simpler and so the Benefit Lollybalm Lip Hydrator is perfect. It works to keep your lips in perfect shape as it hydrates them, but it also adds a subtle amount of colour and shine.

Benefit Lollibalm

Benefit Lollibalm

Finishing my look with a Elie Saab gown (I wish!) and a curly up-do, I think this look would be absolutely perfect for the BAFTA awards.


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