Fruitbroo Hot Drinks

Hello you! It’s Monday again, sadly, but I am glad for having a pretty quiet weekend. Sometimes it’s nice not to have too many plans and just lounge about in bed until 3pm!

Because I am trying to eat a little better and do a bit of exercise I wasn’t able to treat myself to comfort food like pizza or Chinese, but I did allow myself a few cups of FruitBroo.

I only recently found out about FruitBroo – but I have been missing out! Forget dusty teabags, this range of fruit drinks are incredibly juicy and specially blended to be served hot.

They are 100% natural and contain no caffeine; they are also gluten and dairy free. Plus the selling point – there is only 15 calories per cup!




The FruitBroo range has some great flavours and I sampled two of them: Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon and Apple, Ginger & Spice. Both of which were equally delicious and perfect for the winter season!

The flavour is strong and each cup is beautifully scented. They are perfect for a rainy Sunday morning sat in bed.

The product itself is almost syrup like in consistency and whilst the bottles seem small, a little goes a long way. You need just 1-2 teaspoons per drink and their 100ml bottles equate to 15 cups.

You can buy FruitBroo here where each bottle retails at £2.50.


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