Freeport Braintree Review

About 45 minutes away from where I live is an outlet shopping centre called Freeport Braintree. I have been here many times in the past and have always come away feeling pleased with my purchases. Freeport Braintree has a wide range of shops from Cadburys to the Body Shop, Jaeger to Hollister. There really is something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed.


Freeport Braintree

The centre itself is lovely, quite quaint with wooden terraces guiding you from one store to the next. Cobbled flooring and pretty stores makes it a pleasure of a place to walk around.  There’s lots of seating outside and a variety of food and drink outlets to give you an energy boost.


Freeport Braintree

My favourite store is Ted Baker, primarily because I love their clothing but also because the discounts they offer are incredible! A £300 dress reduced to less than £100 is a total bargain in my books. I actually snapped up a gorgeous dress for just £44 on my visit and can’t wait to feature it!

A new addition to the array of stores since my last visit was Hollister. The only Hollister outlet in the country I believe and actually one of the nicest of their stores I have visited. It was incredible open plan, not as dark as normal and the music appeared to be muted slightly. There were no palm tree obstacles and the prices were reasonable. They had a large range of both men and women’s clothing, with basics like jogging bottoms and tees – although there were a few questionable brightly coloured shirts.

One of my second favourite shops to pop in to is Whittards. If you haven’t tried their instant teas you need to! They are incredible, albeit a bit pricey at standard RRP. However at Freeport Braintree they always have a selection of those, alongside other delicious offerings, on offer and you can pick up a real bargain! I got a large tub of delicious Banoffee hot chocolate for just £4.

I didn’t get many pictures because the weather was pretty awful – this being the only downfall to the shopping centre, it is outdoors and so you may find yourself running between shops to avoid the rain or snow! But as there is such a great range of shops you shouldn’t find yourself outside for too long.

Freeport Braintree is accessible by car, rail and bus. To find out more you can visit the Freeport Braintree website.

I will be featuring my purchases in my next post!

Have you been to Freeport Braintree before?


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