Freddie’s Flowers

What could be better than a weekly, or monthly, delivery of beautiful flowers direct to your door? For me, not much! So thankfully Freddie’s Flowers is here to offer exactly that.

It works pretty simply. You register online at Freddie’s Flowers, and at £22 per order a beautiful bouquet is delivered to you – and even fits through your letterbox! You can cancel at any time, or let it run and ensure a constant cycle of fragrant flowers wherever you wish to place them.

What I really loved about this bouquet was that it came will full instructions on how to craft it within a vase. I have never been particularly great at flower arranging, with the flowers typically pointing at various angle and never looking quite how they were delivered, but with these easy to follow instructions it was simple to create an arrangement that I was proud of.




The blooms themselves arrive as a complete surprise, based on the best of the season – and this bunch were certainly gorgeous and a great way to brighten a dreary January day.

Overall, I have been incredibly impressed with the whole package from Freddie’s Flowers and would certainly contemplate continuing my account on a weekly basis. Although in fairness, my flowers are now almost a week old and still in absolutely perfect condition! I might run of space to keep a weekly delivery if they always keep so well…

Get 50% off your first two boxes when you sign up this month with code CDFF12.





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