Flavourly Box

I recently found a £10 off code for a Flavourly box, which make it £4.99 instead of its usual £14.99, and thought I would give it a try.

Having seen subscription boxes increase in variation over the years there are now boxes available to suit almost everyone. From beauty to sock, coffee to chocolate. They make the perfect gift if you don’t quite know what to buy somebody, and that is exactly what I plan to do in the future – everybody is getting a subscription to Flavourly!

My box arrived today and I am in total love. I actually think the price is very reasonable for the products included and I would be happy to continue my subscription as I enjoy cooking and trying new foods.

Flavourly Box

Flavourly Box

Along with the products in the box you also get a really lovely list of what is included, who produces them and their contact details, plus a handy guide to whether the products are: award winning, vegetarian, gluten free or nut free.

What was included:

2 x Mixed Flavour Olives (Oloves)

Sun Dried Tomato Paste (My Olive Branch)

Split Dried Fava Beans (Hodmedod’s)

London Blend Coffee (RoasterB Coffee Co)

Original Umami Dressing & Marinade (Gregor’s Dressing)

2 x Everyday Morning Brew Tea (Tea Pigs)

Uncle Allan’s Chutney (Trotters Independent Condiments)

Chili Scottish Oatcakes (Handmade Oatcake Company)

2 x Koala Gummy Bears (Goody Good Stuff)

Raw Chocolate Brownie (Pulsin)

Flavourly Box

Flavourly Box


Flavourly Box

Flavourly Box

(and it is delicious – I am already planning to order more!) and I cannot wait to try all of the other goodies too!

My only other point would be that I have no idea what to do with split dried fava beans… any ideas?!


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