Fashion and Xperia Z

As everybody is gearing up and getting excited for London Fashion Week, Sony Mobile has launched their new campaign which relates to this big event!

Sony has collaborated with designer Christopher Raeburn to create this unique campaign and it ties in fabulously with fashion and LFW.

The video is so creative and a feast of bright colours and great textures. 100 Xperia phones are fitted to one spiral ring along the catwalk, each time the phones’ camera flashes a new layer of clothing is revealed after the other is blown away.

The video shows four pieces from the designer’s latest collection, so it is a fantastic collaboration for them both. Although it is a highly unusual combination, I really do like it.

The message in this video, that I have taken at least, is simple: people like fashion to be stylish, just like they want their smartphones and technology to be also.

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