Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush Self Tanner

These days I am somewhat of a fake tan connoisseur – my bed sheets will attest to the fact! I have tried out so many different brands, types, colours and variations over the years that I am definitely starting to learn what I do and don’t like!

Whilst previously I have always stuck with lotions or mousse I have been purchasing a few spray tans to see just how much of a difference they make. I love going for a spray tan but it is a costly experience if you do it too often, so I thought perhaps this Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush Self Tanner would give the same results with a little less work than conventional tans.

Firstly the price, whilst this fluctuates wherever you buy it I got it for the bargain price of £13.45 from Click Fragrance. Which I think is really reasonable, especially when compared to other big name tans that want £30+ for similar products.

It was the fact that this is an airbrush tanner that drew me to try this product out. It is a little hard to get used to at first as the part of the bottle that you usually push down to spray actually needs to be pulled back. Whilst I found this a little odd at first it was actually incredibly easy to use and hurt my thumb a little bit less than having to push a button down the entire time.

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush Self Tanner
Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush Self Tanner

Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Airbrush Self Tanner

The spray comes out evenly and leaves a light cosmetic bronzer so you can spot any bits you have missed. It covers quite a wide area at once so you won’t have to spend hours ensuring you have got every last bit!

They recommend 2 coats, which at first I thought meant the process would take ages but this tan dries INCREDIBLY fast and so 2 coats was no issue at all! In fact after both the first and second coat I was touch dry in just a few minutes.

A god send for anybody that tans before bed like me – especially when I usually just want to crawl under the duvet and sleep!

The colour the next day after 2 coats was a lovely, light tan colour and no orange tone to it at all. I would probably top this up the day after if I was going on a night out but otherwise the colour is lovely for the daytime.

Overall I have been really impressed with this tan. I usually tend to avoid big names like Fake Bake because I feel there is more hype about the brand than products, but I must admit that this time I have been proven wrong.


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