Over the past couple of years I have fallen in love with cooking. The researching of recipes, planning a healthy meal to fit around a daily diet and even the dicing of vegetables has become somewhat of a hobby for me. But sometimes, when you’re late home or just too tired to cook you want a healthy alternative that requires minimal effort. Which is where Everdine comes in.

Microwave meals with a difference, Everdine encourages healthy eating straight from your freezer. Forget those faux-take aways and calorie ridden family favourites that you typically see residing in the freezer section of your favourite supermarket, instead enjoy fresh, wholesome food without the concern about salt, sugar or too many calories hitting your waistline.

The whole process is simple and easy to follow. You can have your meals delivered as frequently as you want, and they arrive on a specific day so that you can be ready for their delivery. They arrive in a specially created box which enables them to stay frozen and therefore be moved directly from box to freezer.

Then it’s as simple as picking your favourite option, placing in the microwave for 10 minutes and enjoying!






What I really loved when I received my Everdine meals was the packaging. So bright and colourful, yet stylish. They were the perfect addition to my freezer and it almost made it more enjoyable selecting my dinner choice too! There is a wide range of options available when you are ordering your food choices, which means that there should be options for even the fussiest eater!

I selected some of my favourites such as Vegetable Pad Thai, Duck, Sea Bream in Thai Green Curry and BBQ pulled pork. Whilst some were not quite like the original dishes, they were all absolutely delicious and what I loved most was that they were a complete meal too. I have previously tried something similar and you were provided with just the meat component, with Everdine you receive the meat, vegetables and rice/potato. Even better!

The vegetables weren’t overcooked, even with the additional microwaving, and were crunchy to eat – perfectly cooked. The meats I tried were all tender and the sauces they were served in incredibly tasty.

Overall I was really impressed. Even if not utilising these for a weekly meal plan, they have been a great assistance in the freezer for when we might not have any dinner in or perhaps are late home after a few too many wines!

I would highly recommend Everdine, why don’t you give them a try?


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