Essex Bloggers Event

This Saturday I organised an event for the bloggers of Essex. I have always taken a look at the other events organised for bloggers across the country and they looked like so much fun. There doesn’t seem to be too much happening for bloggers within the county so I decided that this would be a great way for us to meet up, get to know each other and have a nice afternoon.

We met at 2pm in Missoula, Chelmsford. There were 9 of us in total and we spent the afternoon sipping cocktails, wine and orange juice (for the drivers amongst us!). The food was wonderful and everybody had a great time.

I am really pleased that everybody enjoyed themselves so much and especially proud to have received so many thank you’s and well dones! I love organising, something I seem to have inherited from my Mum, so I was in my element arranging it all!

A great big thank you to all of the brands that got involved to help me put together a goody bag especially for all of the #EssexBloggers! These were really well received and the products are all wonderful.

Essex Bloggers Goody Bag

We’re hoping to get together again in the Summer and I look forward to it!

Sadly we didnt get too many pictures of the event, as it was difficult for many to get a word in edge ways there wasn’t much of a chance to start brandishing a camera around!



  1. Lilliesand Love says

    I had such a great time at the event; it was so nice to meet other bloggers and to meet face-to-face some people I have been speaking to for what seems like ages!

    It was a great day, you did so well organising it, and the goodie bags are fab – can’t wait to crack on and start using some of the products!

    We definitely all have to meet up again soon, I look forward to it!


    • Carousel Diary says

      It was lovely wasn’t it! I felt as if we had done it hundreds of times before.

      Looking forward to the next one! x

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