Emma Bridgewater: Pink Hearts Range

Emma Bridgewater is a British Earthenware manufacturer founded in 1985, owned and run by Emma Bridgewater and her husband Matthew Rice. The brand is well renowned for their colourful and unique designs, just take a look at the teapots on Emma Bridgewater website! All of their products are made in their factory in the city of Stoke-on-Trent using locally sourced materials, they also allow visitors to visit the factory and watch the process from start to finish.

What I love about the Emma Bridgewater range is that the designs are all so unique; as each piece is handmade even a product from the same range will be different to the one next to it. This makes the pieces feel really special and adds an exclusive quality to them.

Each piece looks incredibly vintage inspired and that is something I really like, it is actually the theme I would have for the kitchen on my dreams. Several pieces , from dog bowls to mugs, can also be personalised for and would make great gifts for yourself, a pet or a friend. I think I might purchase their personalised ½ pint mug for a certain somebody this Christmas, I think they will really like it with their custom nickname painted on to the front!

With so many lovely product ranges it is hard to choose a favourite, but I particularly like the Pink Hearts range. It contains everything that you would need in the kitchen for every meal of the day. With egg cups, bowls and mugs available for breakfast there are also plates and beakers for lunchtime.

You could also purchase an entire afternoon tea set with teapots, milk jugs and a cup and saucer available from the range. I have always wanted an afternoon tea set for impromptu tea parties, because everybody loves an excuse for tea and cake!

Emma Bridgewater Collage

It is really great to see that so many products are available from the one range, too often I have purchased an item of kitchenware only to find that no other product I need is available in the same pattern or shade.

Not only does Emma Bridgewater allow your kitchen to be fully co-ordinating, but you can be too. The Pink Hearts range also offers wellington boots, a rain jacket and tissues! Who said there is ever too much of a good thing?

A lovely addition to each item is that the underneath of the product has a seal which informs you on who painted it, cast it and who inspected it.

Find out more about Emma Bridgewater here or visit their website.


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