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I have been so excited about this top secret project that I have been helping eBay with, so I was delighted when it finally launched and I could tell you all about it. Collections is eBay’s latest venture and what it essentially allows you to do is create wishlists of your favourite eBay items, typically with a theme for each board. A similar concept to Pinterest, but a whole lot more addictive! Taking a look at some of the trending collections will have you spending money you don’t have! I personally think this is a great addition to eBay as you can now debut that “watching” list for all to see. Whether they are items for now or later, perhaps you could set up a collection for your future home like my Shabby Chic one here, these wishlists are a great way to show others the things you are after. Of course if you don’t want everybody to see your collection, sometimes a bargain is too good to share, you can opt to keep it private instead.

ebay collections ebay collections Creating a collection is easy: select the pull-down bar in the top left hand corner that says “Hi, (name)!”, select “My collections”, create a collection based on your chosen topic (pink, spring, monochrome, tartan, the list is endless!), then when you find items that are the perfect fit for this collection just select the “add to collection” button. This option is just underneath the “bid” or “buy it now” button. ebay collections You can add a description to your collection and individual items, plus if you keep them public you will see that you gradually gain followers on each collection too! Of course these collections aren’t limited to just fashion, you could create one for just about anything… and with a range of products like eBay has, the list is neverending. You can take a look at my collections here, one of my most popular collections “Outer Space” has 13 followers so far!

This is an article written in partnership with eBay but views and opinions are all my own.


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