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It’s a trend you have probably all seen on Twitter and Instagram: bars serving their drinks in jar glasses. It’s such a cute idea and I think it’s a really novel way to serve a glass of cold ice tea or perhaps a cocktail.

So when I found drinkstuff stocking these for the home I just had to get a set! These Mason Drinking Jar Glasses are high quality and certainly look/feel like they will last you a long time. They are large in size so will hold a lot (1 pint) – especially important when cocktails are involved!

What is unique about these is that they feature a handle too, which many others don’t, meaning that any ice in your drink won’t be being warmed up when your hands are around the glass.

I think a bunch of colourful straws really brightens them up too!

Mason Drinking Glasses

But whilst they are great for keeping in your kitchen, why just use them there? I love these glasses in my dressing room and use them to store everything from lipsticks to cotton pads. They hold lots and look great amongst the other clear glass accessories that I already have.

Mason Drinking Glasses

The glasses are priced at £9.99 for 4 or £34.99 for 24 which I think is really inexpensive for the quality. These will most certainly be getting a lot of use around my house!



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    These are so cute, I could never quite bring myself to drink out of an old pasta sauce jar or something, but having the handle on totally makes these acceptable drinking vessels!

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