DIY Soap Making

A little while ago I decided that I wanted to make Carousel Diary a little more lifestyle orientated. I have always enjoyed going out to restaurants, travelling and doing a variety of other things; so it felt only natural to want to share those life experiences on my blog too – rather than reviewing make-up and beauty products alone.

One thing I wanted to try after making this decision was soap making. I have seen to much inspiration on Twitter and Instagram of home/handmade soap and thought I would give it a try.

In my quest to give this a go the lovely people over at Stephenson Personal Care got in touch and sent me a collection of their “melt and pour” soap bases. These make it super easy to create your own soap and, aside from essential oils and dried products to put in your soap, they are all you need.



So here goes my first attempt at making DIY soap – and I have put together a step by step list to show you just what I did.

1. First you cut the block of soap base up in to smaller cubes to allow it to melt easier in the microwave. Place these chunks in a microwave proof container and place clingfilm over the top. Then melt the soap for 30 seconds, if it hasn’t melted by then – and it may not depending on how much you are melting – heat it for as much time as necessary in 10 second incriments.

2. Once the soap has melted you can take it out from the microwave and prepare to add your chosen essential oil. I made several different soaps to try the scents out and so instead of mixing in the bowl, I mixed my essential oils in with a toothpick once they had been poured in to my moulds.


3. Selecting moulds is another fun part of this whole experiment. What I found really useful was to use silicon baking moulds as these mean you can easily get the soap out once it had set. I thought it would be really cute to do cupcake soaps – and I love the idea of putting these in cupcake cases and a little box to give as gifts to friends or family.

4. Once you have mixed in your essential oil and poured your soap in to the mould, you can choose to add your special ingredient if you so wish. I got a selection of dried flowers from eBay and these worked as great additions to my soap; I simply sprinkled some of them over the top of the soap before it had set.

5. Then put your soaps in the fridge for an hour and they will be set. It’s as simple as that!

I am really happy with my first attempt at handmaking these soaps; I will definitley be making some more in the future – in fact I am sure you can imagine what everybody is getting for Christmas this year..!


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