DIY Honey Hair Mask

So now I am embarking on a healthier lifestyle I have been looking for healthier ways to sweeten up my diet, especially with things like porridge and tea being slightly bland without that sugar hit. The solution? Honey! What’s more honey is not just great for you on the inside, but on the outside too. Read on for a DIY honey hair mask!

Clarks Honey

This honey from Clarks UK is slightly different to the regular type you may find on the supermarket shelves – one has the addition of orange blossom and the other Acacia. You will see that the colouring is slightly different to that of regular honey – they are far lighter, especially the Acacia honey. They taste delicious though! The orange isn’t too prominent but you definitely get a good hit of it.

Clarks Honey

Clarks Honey

Asides from adding this to my porridge and tea to sweeten it up I have also been applying it to my hair; my hair is slightly dry since having the colour stripped last year and using heated appliances but this simple mask has really helped bring some life back in to it!

The ingredients are simple:

3 tablespoons of olive oil

170g of honey

A warm, damp towel or shower cap

How to:

1. Start by mixing the olive oil and honey together, and then apply to your hair. I find that one of those brushes you use for hair dying works great for this, otherwise make sure you wear some gloves to ensure your hands don’t get all sticky!

2. Wrap your hair in either the warm, damp towel or shower cap. This will ensure that heat is retained and will make the treatment work twice as hard.

3. Leave the hair mask on for around 30 minutes before shampooing and rinsing well.

That’s it! It really is as simple as that; it’s also much cheaper than buying an equivalent from a beauty department. I use this hair mask once a week and my hair is already feeling much softer and less coarse.

Doyou have any great DIY beauty tips?


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