The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Box

The Fragrance Shop’s Discovery Box… catchy isn’t it!

This new launch from high street favourite The Fragrance Shop is set to change the way that we shop for perfume.

Costing £5 per box you will be sent a range of different perfumes samples and a booklet of coupons. Simply try out the range of perfumes and if there is one you like you can use the £10 off voucher against your purchase.

Fragrance Shop Discovery Box

Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
Great value for money… but only if there is a sample you like.

Whilst I love the idea behind this I think that as you cannot select samples it is luck of the draw as to whether there will actually be one you like. With 6 samples in the box the chances of liking one are high, but as there is a mixture of both male or female your chances are narrowed slightly.

I do, however, think there was a good range of women’s scents within the box. From lighter, floral scents to something slightly heavier. I personally really liked Alien’s Aqua Chic and also the Mont Blanc “Legend” scent.

If you do find a scent you like you are basically saving £5, as you have already paid out for the box, which I think is a great incentive. Especially if you are quite open with perfumes and are likely to enjoy at least one from the box.

Overall I do really like the concept of this box. We have subscription/sample boxes for beauty so why not perfume too.

If you wish to order the boxes are scent quarterly, are subscription free and can be purchased here.

What do you think of the new Discovery box?


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