Dirty Looks – HK Hair Extensions

As you will know from my post the other day (here) I have been looking at ways I can make my hair look a little nicer since I made the silly mistake of cutting it all off!

Last year I had ‘proper’ extensions fitted and whilst I loved them they did take quite a bit of effort to maintain and they were expensive to fit. So instead I have decided to look in to clip-in extensions and give them a go.

The problem I have with clip-in extensions is that they never, ever match my hair colour. My hair is weird in that it seems to hold just about every different colour – I sometimes find black, red or brown strands! But when I was informed that Dirty Looks ran a colour match service for their HK Hair Extensions I thought I would give it a go.

I sent across a picture of my hair down and they quickly came back to say that they recommended the Manhattan Highlighted shade. I accepted their choice and soon my extensions were on their way to me.

Of course, I will admit that I had doubts as to whether they would truly match my hair colour. But when they arrived I was SO very pleased that even in the brightest light they matched my hair almost perfectly. What I love about these extensions is that they come with a “tester” clip that you can try before you open the entire packet of extensions. This is great for both sides as it ensures you can return the pack of extensions if not suitable and the company knows they have not been used.

HK Extensions

HK Extensions

HK Extensions

HK Extensions

Not only are they a great match but these beauties are the softest, silkiest extensions I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. They are gorgeous and the gentle curl of them makes them perfect for a night out too.

Retailing at £69.99 which I think is fairly reasonable for a full-head of extensions that are of such high quality. I have my eye on the wrap around ponytail (here) next now I know there is a colour that matches!


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