Dinner at Grain, Colchester

Don’t let the relaxed, rustic decor fool you – the food at Grain, Colchester rivals that of some of the best London restaurants. For that reason alone, you really should visit if you are ever in the area!

Suggested by a friend we visited Grain on a Friday evening and were immediately ushered to the bar for a drink or two. The ever helpful barman was patient and ran through the options, allowing one of our guests to try a new whisky before settling on the choice.

We were then handed menus and the process of ordering was explained. Unlike standard restaurants that offer starters and mains, Grain revolutionises the 3-course menu and does something all the more exciting!

With 3 categories (plus a dessert section) called garden, water and land you are able to mix and match the dishes you fancy. It was advised that around 3 dishes per person if ample, but from there you are free to choose as many vegetable, fish or meat options as you like – not having to select one each from the same section either.

What I especially loved about the menu also was that each ingredient of the dish is listed out, something that is particularly great for those with specific allergies or dislikes. You know exactly what you are going to get in terms of ingredients.

The menu is also seasonal and therefore changes every visit. This is great because it means you are always going to be equally as surprised with the dishes each visit, and will be getting the best tasting and freshest ingredients each time too.

After being seated at our table for 3 we were soon provided with a brown paper bag, sealed with a Grain sticker. This little bag of treats had freshly baked, homemade bread rolls and was served alongside home churned butter. Absolutely delicious and a great introduction in to what was to come!

We all selected different dishes so that we could see what they looked and tasted like, but with the menu featuring ingredients such as partridge, hake, pot roast English cabbage, black pudding and much more it was difficult to select just 3 dishes each to enjoy.

Dishes are served one at a time, allowing you to savour and enjoy the taste. They are served in an elegant and minimalist style, and the lack of fuss really means you can focus on the taste rather than being overwhelmed by what you can see alone.

There wasn’t one thing I disliked from any of my dishes, and after finishing with an equally as tasty dessert we were all incredibly impressed with the food and service at Grain – you certainly don’t have an empty glass for long here!

I really couldn’t recommend a visit to Grain more – if you are ever in the Colchester area please do give it a visit. It’s always great to support local restaurants, and this one certainly deserves more praise and custom.


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