Developing your blog Twitter account

Everybody knows how important social media is now in any marketing strategy particularly when you are running a personal blog.

But just how do you use it?

I work within social media for my day job and also have a real passion for it in my personal life too. But every day on Twitter I see people asking how they can increase their social following, how they can reach new readers for the blog and expand their network.

Be social

The key giveaway really is that social networks are called ‘social’ networks. This means that without being social and conversing with other users on these platforms your network will not expand and your followers wont grow.

Being a ghost on social media defeats the point of it. Particularly where blogs are involved as you want to entice people in to visiting your blog and to do this you need to give them a reason why they should. Don’t pester people, but if they’re talking about a topic that you know something about why not join in? Offering your opinion and advice to others is a great way to gain new followers and friends along the way too.

Blog chats

You have probably seen on lots of blog chats running on Twitter, even if you didn’t know what they were. These happen almost daily and cover various topics, depending on the hashtag that they are running from. For example; the beauty blogger hashtag will have topics such as other bloggers favourite brands and the best method to apply your make up successfully. Contrastingly the lifestyle blogger hashtag will have topics that enable other readers to find out more about the person behind the blog/Twitter account.

Making the most of a post

When posting on Twitter there are a lot of different ways to get your post notice. These range from including a photo in your tweet, by doing this your tweet is more likely to be retweeted and shared amongst other users, to using appropriate hashtags that will enhance the scope of your tweet and enable it to be shared with an audience that is interested in the topic you are discussing.

Plus of course there are simple things you need to remember to do too. Such as having a clear photo attached your profile and not using the default Twitter egg. Also, try and ensure that you include your blog URL in your profile and, if possible, your blog email too; this will make it far easier for people to contact you and possibly offer you opportunities for your blog.

Connect with others

You can’t create a Twitter profile and expect everyone to come to you. You need to grow your network first, and you do this by following others that are interested in the topics you are too. Personally I would aim to start following other bloggers, you can do this by searching the beauty blogger hashtag and finding other active bloggers.

Once you start connecting with other users on this platform your network will start to grow to, those that you have followed may choose to follow you back and through your use of hashtags and blog chats, as we discussed above, other users will retweet your tweets (favourites are good too as they are shared on the “discover” tab) and this will enable your network to grow as others see your tweets and join in with your discussion.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for a variety of businesses and I think it has particularly grown in purpose for bloggers recently too. There is no better platform to connect with like-minded people and share in your interests.

What are you top tips for Twitter?


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