Crystal Ceiling Lamp from Litecraft

My favourite room of our house in my dressing room. Every last piece has been added to create a room that is serene and perfected. Or so I thought until I realised my lamp shade just wasn’t cutting the mustard… so instead I turned to Litecraft.

With a wide range of different types of lamps and easy fit shades I was truly spoit for choice on my search for the pefect final addition to my dressing room. I wanted something elegant and classy that fit with the white scheme, whilst adding a bit of luxury too.

This Caen Crystal Celing Lamp Shade was the perfect choice – I fell in love with it as soon as I spottted it, and I knew it would bring everything together and fill me with more joy than I thought possible from a light fitting!



It arrived wrapped in more bubble wrap than you can imagine which, whilst this took me a while to remove with my new set of nails, I was pleased for because it meant that every droplet arrived in perfect condition and without any damage. The way a company packages their items makes whole lot of difference, I have had so many instances of broken items on arrival so this arriving in perfect condition entirely finished the fairy tale.

Described as “easy to fit” this lamp shade certainly was. I simply unscrewed the bulb, removed my previous lampshade, replaced it with the Caen, screwed the bulb back in and – the finished look had me mesmerised!

With a few movements to the crystal drops to ensure they were in the right position the light shade was finished and looks just as elegant with the light shining through than it does without.

This specific lamp shade looks to be out of stock but there are a wide range of similar alternatives that I am sure you will as quickly fall in love with as I did!


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