The Corkcicle

A problem faced in both summer & winter: warm wine.

Either you are drinking it in the sun, or indoors with the heating on this is a real problem – albeit a first world one! But some clever folk over at Root7 have come over with a solution and I personally think it’s genius!

The Corkcicle looks like a large icicle but has a wine cork on the top. The idea is that you freeze it in preperation and then when you are ready to unwind and open that long awaited bottle of wine you can use it to keep it cool.




No longer do you require an ice bucket that takes up valuable table space, simply place the Corkcicle in the bottle and it will chill the wine from the inside.

Retailing at £19.99 the Cockcicle comes in a range of colours and lasts time and time again.

To you use you will need to pour about a third of a glass of wine out and then you will be able to insert the Corkcicle without it overflowing! Ideally the Corkcicle will need to have been frozen for two hours for use with white wine and less for red.



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