Colgate ProClinical C200 Toothbrush

So for a while now I have been looking in to electric toothbrushes as I have heard such good things about them. One of my friends swears by theirs and was surprised I had never tried one out! But looking in the stores there was such a large range I felt a little out of my depth. Specs of a computer I can deal with, but of a toothbrush? A whole different world.

Instead of getting caught up on internet research and twitter questioning I instead decided to bite the bullet and go for a new toothbrush to the market, the Colgate ProClinical C200.

Retailing at £62.49 this is certainly an investment as it is quite a bit more expensive than a regular toothbrush. But with the promise from others that it would change my life I was happy to receive it and give it a go.

Colgate ProClinical C200 The toothbrush uses sonic vibrations to assist cleaning and works with 25,500 strokes per minute to remove plaque. Imagine trying to do that with a standard toothbrush!

The ProClinical C200 itself is very lightweight; I know some other electric toothbrushes are fairly heavy and awkward to use but this feels only a little lighter than a standard toothbrush. It comes with a charger (although note that this is a 2-pin shaving charger so you may need an adaptor) and stand, plus a carry case for taking it on your travels.

Colgate ProClinical C200 Colgate ProClinical C200 I have now been using this for a few weeks and can see why they were so highly praised previously. My teeth feel and look a lot cleaner than they used to and I actually think it has assisted in brightening them up too. It couldn’t be simpler to use as it is operated with a plain on/off button so there are no problems there either!

I really would recommend giving an electric toothbrush a go if you haven’t previously; my teeth are certainly looking and feeling better for it!

Find out more about the ProClinical range and purchase here or at your local Boots store (where I believe it is currently half price!).


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